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Vedang WOCMS

(Work order Contract Management System)
Suitable for Civil Construction, PWD, Irrigation, State Highway, Rural Engineering, Municipalities
“Vedang WOCMS “is suitable for all Civil Construction Departments in Government Sector.

Vedang IntelliBuilding Approval System

For Automation of Building Scrutiny & approval: Suitable for Municipalities and agencies responsible for approving construction of buildings

Vedang E-Pipebook

Vedang E-Pipe book captured & monitor the various construction activities of Oil & Gas Pipelines and facilitates to generate automatically ‘As Built “ . System also tracks the progress details of construction activities on GIS platform. System captures all the details like survey, clearing, grading, Right of way , pipe stringing, pipe cutting ,bending details , trenching, blasting, welder & welding , NDT & joint coating & repairing , lowering & bottom padding, back-filling and top padding, hydro-testing, restoration, TCP/PCP, cathodic protection, OFC blowing/jointing, crossings details etc. System is also available on GIS platform.

Vedang ROU-LMS

Vedang RoU-LMS covers complete business process for acquiring & managing the “Right of Way “for Oil & Gas Pipelines or any Oil & Gas installations. System supports & the maintain the cadastral databases of landowners , generation of government notices / notifications , objection from landowners , compensation calculation based on area , payment details, award generation, termination details etc. System also maintain the databases of permissions/ regulatory approvals for forest land, crossing like railway, highway, river etc. System is also available on GIS platform.