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Human Resource Management System

VedangHRMS360™ is a web based Human Resource Management System for capturing the entire process of HR from induction to retirement. The system covers all function of the Human Resource Department that deals with recruitment, employees' management, payroll, performance, training etc. System provides the integrated solution of HR & Payroll.

E-Procurement & Asset Management System

System provides complete solution for manging the Procurement, Inventory & Asset Management. E-Procurement & Asset Management System consists of following four modules

Asset Management
Works Contract Management

Finance & Accounting System

Vedang "F&A" is an innovative financial accounting software and capable of handling complex business requirements . Software is suitable for Government & Private Sector companies of all sizes. System is user friendly, easy to navigate and users can also learn basic of Finance & Accounting quickly. System is capable of generating real time P&L's with simplified bookkeeping processes thus save more time for data entry & analysis. Users can create customize accounting reports & role based dynamic dash board apart from regulatory compliance reports without any support from IT developers. Due to dynamic architecture of process, system can be implemented in few weeks irrespective of size of Organization