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Vedang Total Water Solutions “Smart Water Grid “

Suitable for Water resources, Rural Engineering, Irrigation & Municipal Department

Total solution is divided into two phases

Module I  Covers the EPC part of Engineering Project management & Total Water Accounting for strategic Water management with objective to achieve validated “AS Built” for O&M excellence.

The GIS based ROU or land Acquisition system takes care of all the regulatory compliances and management processes for acquiring & managing the Land “for Water Pipelines or any Water Pipeline installations.

For an effective project monitoring and water pipeline construction, The e-Pipe book captures and monitors the various construction activities of Water Pipelines and facilitates which automatically validate 'As Built' for further use in O&M.

The GIS based Monitoring system facilitates the real time construction progress to WAR Room. Tracking of each progress activity is reported in form of data, graphical reports and geo-referenced maps.

To efficiently transfer the knowledge from EPC to final handover to Operation and Maintenance, the proposed solution have very efficient Knowledge management and data/Document handover inbuilt processes.

The Integrated Water Accounting system manages the total water delivery and losses. System also monitor online volume dispatched at entry point, delivered at various exit point and total loss during the transportation of water from source to customer

Module II  Operation Excellence for reduction of water loss & quality of water

Next level Induction of technology for Excellence in Operation and Maintenance & Control Centre Collaboration, the TotalWaterSolutions interfaces with SCADA to provide the Centralized view of the whole pipeline network on Video wall at control Centre.

The early leak detection is critical for water pipelines .System has built in integration facility with Water Leak detection system.

Facility & Asset Management system helps in managing the different facilities both within the plant and outside the plant along the pipeline Network. System has a real time integrated online GIS tool to support fastest Emergency Response with navigation direction and coordination with different administrative setup like finding out Organizational /personal details like Police Station, Fire Station, Hospital, and District Head Qtrs

Major Benefits

• Optimize Design and Construction cost
• Reduce Operating Cost
• Ensure High availability of water treatment
• Ensure 24/7 water supply
• Comprehensive power & control solutions
• Manage network of Pumping Stations
• Adapt the process to regulation changes
• Manage Facility and Documents properly
• Reduction in water Loss (Non-Revenue Water NRW)
• Online Water Quality Monitoring
• Important Improved Consumers services