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government & public sector
Vedang E-Governance Suite

Vedang “E-Governance suite” has the following Modules for efficient and transparent functioning of all customers/public centric departments.
• File Tracking & Management
• RTI Monitoring & Management
• Assembly Questions Monitoring & Management
• CM Petition Monitoring & Management
• Litigation Monitoring & Management
• Grievance Monitoring & Management
• HRMS360
• Procurement & Asset Management
• Finance & Accounting System
• Work order Construction Management System

Vedang Smart Industrial Estate

System is specially designed for Industrial Development Agencies of State Government. System is fully complied with the Department of Industrial Investment and Promotion’s recommendations for Ease of Doing Business to states and available in various modules.

GIS Based Business Process Management System supports the complete business life cycle of Industrial area from acquiring of land to lease maintenance and termination. System is capable of managing all the category of properties like Industrial, Commercial and Residential. Total area of Industrial area can be seen on GIS (Geographical Information System). System is consisting of following modules:

Module I: Industry & Investors Portal & GIS System

• Complete GIS mapping of plots in the Industrial Area by capturing of the GPS coordinates.
• Display of Vacant and Allotted Plots with Color coding schemes for differentiating the attributes of the industries in the Industrial area.
• Status of plots like under construction or in production
• Land Premium rates against the plots.
• Online submission of Applications for allocation of Plots and can view & track the status of application form.
• Online submission of water connection
• Online payment with integration of various banks payment gateway’s
• Current rates and policies in particular Industrial Estate.
• Online submission of complaints & industry grievances.
• Online view of employment/investment details.
• Online application for transfer of plots and reconstitution of firm.
• Apply for change of products.
• Apply for time extension till the start of production
• Online submission of MIS reports.
• Export and Import facilitation desk for investors and new Industries
• Virtual Display of products of manufacturers/ Industries to facilitate marketing support with prior online approval process
• MD desk for monthly / quarterly communication with shareholders, Industries and new Investors.
• Partners corner for facilitation of MIS and any important communication

Module II: GIS Linked Business Process Management system

• Automatic calculation of Property prices, Maintenance/Miscellaneous charges based on various parameters such as area, rate, duration and Interest rates based on Industrial area.
• Online approval of Applications for allocation of for Plots
• Automatic E mail & SMS Alert/ Notification for generation demand note to Industry
• GIS mapping of Plots.
• Maintenance of Legal cases and Notice serving details.
• Process of recovery of dues such as corporate dues, non-payment reasons, defaulter lists, recovery certificate generation, action against defaulter etc.
• Online Approval for Transfer of Plots
• Plot Restoration, Plot cancellation based on non-payment and non-utilization etc.
• Upload facility of hard copies of Plot related documents.
• Plot merge & Process of change of allotted plots
• MIS reports/Letters generation

Module III: Knowledge Management System: Management of documents in softcopy version

Module IV: E – Governance Modules.

• File & Bill Tracking &Management: For on line tracking of movement of file & bill etc.
• RTI Monitoring &Management : For online tracking & RTI queries and reply etc.
• Assembly Questions Monitoring & Management : For online tracking & monitoring of Assembly questions & reply
• CM Petition Monitoring & Management : For managing & tracking of petitions like action taken by various departments
• Litigation Monitoring & Management : For Online tracking & management of legal cases
• Grievance Monitoring & Management & E – Help desk : For online tracking of grievance & complaints etc.

Module V: Human Resource Management System:

For managing total HR process like recruitment ,personal file, online/offline attendance & leave management, online personal claim management , Pay role , income tax forecast , EPF/ESI deduction , training, appraisal , retirement & termination etc.

Module VI : Procurement & Asset Management System:

For managing total procurement & asset management like E- Tendering, RFQ & Vendor management , Measurement books & payment system PO & Contract Management , Asset Management , Inventory management & disposal etc.

Module VII : Finance & Accounting System :
For managing the complete process of Finance & Account department & covers submodules like Account Payable , Account receivable , Balance sheet ,Profit & loss account , Depreciation , Regulatory compliances , Taxes and ESI & EPF tracking

Integration Module

System can be integrated with any ERP & Financial system working in organization, MS & Payment gateway & E- mail system
“Vedang WOCMS “(Work order Contract Management System)

Suitable for Civil Construction, PWD, Irrigation, State Highway, Rural Engineering, Municipalities
“Vedang WOCMS “is suitable for all Civil Construction Departments in Government Sector
. Following are the silent features of the system:
• Preparation of DPR from SOR & preparation of scheme estimate for Infrastructure facilities
• Preparation of detailed estimates for various infrastructures by field engineer
• Approval from TAC Approval process for Getting Administrative Sanction, Scrutiny and sanction of projects
• Preparation of Tender Schedule, Tender Notice, Tender Notice approval
• Advertisement in Daily newspapers and state bulletin
• E–Procurement Process like uploading the tender documents, receiving of tenders, Opening of tenders & online EMD submission
• Auto evaluation based on of Eligibility Criteria
• Auto bid comparison of rates of qualified tenderers & selection of L1 Tenderer
• Award of contract covering negotiation with Tenderer, Acceptance by TAC, Acceptance of L1 Tender & Approval authority to sanction the Estimate
• Signing the agreement & Handing over site for construction
• Project Monitoring, Provision of uploading of progress picture ( Image & Video ) with Geo tagging of site /location
• Online Measurement bill submission facility to contactor & Approval of bill
• Processing/Payment of Bill
• Punch point monitoring

Vedang KARA™ Key Solution to efficient Prison Management
System provides complete solution for management of Prison i.e. “Entry to Exit “of prisoner. System complies the Jail Manual of Government of India and can be integrated with Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS )
System Features
100% processes related to Prisoner
Individual demographic and Biometric data can be captured and stored into the system.
Manpower Management
Biometric bases counting procedure
Jail organizational structure
Prisoner information system
Guarding and safe custody of prisoners (warder operations)
Prisoner Conduct Monitoring & Appraisal
Medical Care
Gate Register
Release of Prisoners
Judicial solitary & remission
Court Diary
Prisoner grievance management Welfare, Vocational Training & Work Programs
Visitors Management System
Minute Book

Vedang IntelliBuilding Approval System:
For Automation of Building Scrutiny & approval: Suitable for Municipalities and agencies responsible for approving construction of buildings
• Automates the lengthy and cumbersome manual process of checking the building approvals based on the building bye laws/regulations, thus reducing paper work, valuable time and effort of Architects and the Authority.
• Applicant submit & verify drawing by visiting web site of Municipalities/Building approval authorities by simply uploading the drawing
• System reads data from drawing and automatically compare with applicable building bye laws & regulations and generate pass or fail reports instantaneously
• Built-in work flow system for automation of the process i.e. proposal file movement, followed for approval of architectural plans.
• Helps in attaining the e-Governance by maintaining digitized versions of the documents
• Standardizes the building drawing plan process.
• Visualize the CAD Drawing Online
• Inbuilt Library for Reading CAD Drawing.
• Sophisticated Tool for online Drawing Visualization & permission based Editing
• Read Visualize and generate Scrutiny reports in a few minutes,
• Features to map Byelaws and all the development control rules of the Authority to the drawing entities.
• Built-in Work Flow System for automation of the process i.e. proposal file movement, followed for approval of architectural plans.
• Helps in attaining the e-Governance by maintaining digitized versions of the documents.

1. Uniform Interpretation of Byelaws – The approval is based on uniform interpretation of byelaws and development control rules bringing in uniformity and compliance.
2. Acceleration – Accelerates scrutiny process by eliminating lengthy and cumbersome computations.
3. Process Innovation & Integration – Transformation of scrutiny and approval of plans through CAD and workflow technology brings in innovation in the process. All stakeholders concerned in the approval process are brought together on a single platform.
4. Accountability – Authorized roles and responsibilities are mapped and MIS reports generated to help track process efficiency.
5. Transparency – Subjectivity in the plan approval process is totally eliminated and clear reasons are stated for approval or rejections.